Crossing the Line

Retrieved September 8, 2023 at 3:03 a.m.

When it comes to redistricting in Irvine, shouldn’t the same rules apply that seek to protect minorities, also protect the majority?  I mean according to Irvine councilmember TAMMY KIM, her concern is focused on ensuring that the White population does not dominate in each of the six districts. However, if she is going to expect the public to accept this, and basically buy into that all White people think one way, and all Asian Americans think another way, then shouldn’t the lines be FAIR across the board? I mean her maps read like this: Map #126, the Asian American population is higher in all districts except one, and the highest percentage of Asian Americans in one district is 64% with Whites at 24%. Map #133, four out of six districts have a higher percentage of Asian Americans by, again, as much as 64%. Map #136, the Asian American population is higher in all districts except one, and that one difference is only 2%. I mean let’s have the conversation about fairness if we want to continue down a path that seeks to divide people rather than bring people together. If Irvine wants to district by race, then we can no longer be a city of diversity, equality, and inclusion. I really don’t want to go there because people should be looked at as individuals by their own making, their own beliefs, values and morals. No two people are identical. So how can people like TAMMY KIM be so closed minded in thinking people of a certain race all think the same? But, it goes deeper than that. She is playing by two sets of rules. She has no problem with an Asian population majority in 5 of the 6 districts, but has a problem if it were the other way around. How does someone even wrap their hand around her logic?

I have no problem with districts having a majority population of non white people. But I do have a problem when a person like TAMMY KIM would rather split up a community just so the White population does not dominate. What the heck is she so worried about?

Let’s NOT be influenced by TAMMY KIM’s political agenda in her quest to divide us! Unfortunately her mindset is programmed in believing that all Asian Americans think alike. We know that all White people do not think alike, so why would she think Asian Americans are any different? She obviously doesn’t, and is playing to a bigger audience while using Irvine citizens as her tools. She is, as I have heard many describe her as, an opportunist, while exploiting the people around her. TAMMY KIM does not deserve our attention when she speaks of dividing people along racial lines … let alone our respect as she sits on the dais!

We need to keep communities together, first and foremost. That should be our goal!