Proposed Districting Maps

Retrieved September 3, 2023 at 4:11 p.m.

As a 30 year resident of Woodbridge Village I am voicing my objection to any proposed districting map that would split Woodbridge Village into separate voting districts (specifically maps 135 and 138).

The City of Irvine was developed into distinct villages with Woodbridge being an early and very prominent village.  It would seem a direct contradiction of the original city plan to now split Woodbridge into different districts for City Council voting purposes.  It makes absolutely no sense since there are other alternatives and especially given that the website states “one of our primary goals when drawing City Council districts is to draw lines that respect neighborhoods, history, and geographical elements”.   How would dividing any part of Woodbridge Village into different districts with different City Council representation respect the neighborhoods, history and geographical elements of Woodbridge?
I urge you to reject maps 135 and 138 as currently drawn.