Districting and City Council

Retrieved September 29, 2023 at 7:32 p.m.

Mayor and Members of the City Council:

With regard to the discussions of districts and extending members to the City Council, we feel there are two important considerations:

1.  The idea of adding two (2) members to the City Council is a very good one. It will allow the issues facing the City to be addressed with a broader view and serve the citizenry more thoroughly.

2. The idea of creating districts is NOT. No matter the population growth, citizens prefer to elect the Mayor and Councilmebers to serve ALL of Irvine so that decisions are presented and made with the entire City in mind.  We do not want to ask one person to speak for us, we want a full Council to represent us all.

Consistency has been the hallmark of our planned community and our elected officials should always be considering the whole City and General Plan when making decisions. It is also divisive, already people are feeling that they are in a more elite area and deserve more consideration than other neighbors. Districts will only create a village against village attitude.

Additionally, should there (sadly) be districts, it is imperative that Woodbridge Village not be divided. It does not make sense to separate the area into two districts because there are no issues which do not affect the entire village. Having to deal with two Councilmembers when addressing issues is confusing and unnecessary.

Thank you for the opportunity to  provide input to this matter.

Clifford and Karen Vaughn