New Draft Map

Retrieved September 27, 2023 at 1:15 p.m.


I am submitting a new proposed map I have titled Doug Elliott Irvine Hybrid Map3. It’s identical to Map 164, except that one apartment complex in University Park has been moved from District 6 to District 4, to avoid breaking up that village.
In drawing 164, I had set out with the idea of trying to fix some concerns that have been expressed with Map 151, and came up with something of a hybrid between 148 and 151. After the fact, I saw that it’s nearly identical to Map 162. The one difference is that I did a small swap to address concerns of UCI students.
I believe this new map satisfies all legal requirements, and offers the following advantages:
1. It provides three districts with AAPI CVAP of greater than 40%, and four majority minority districts.
2. Within District 1 it preserves the community of interest of neighborhoods adjacent to Tustin and served by the Tustin Unified School District District.  Many people in these neighborhoods are within walking distance of popular shopping, dining and movie destinations such as Tustin Marketplace and The District, and many shop at the Tustin Ralphs on Jamboree. Additionally, these neighborhoods are united by the Mountains to the Sea trail, which is popular with hikers and bicyclists. (A defect of Map 151 is it uses Bryan Avenue as a District 1 boundary, thereby cutting off TUSD’s Beckman High School from the vast majority of its service area.)
3. It addresses the desire of Cypress Village and Woodbury residents for a district separate from the Great Park Neighborhoods, using Highway 133 as an easily identifiable boundary between the established Irvine Company villages and the new FivePoint neighborhoods.
4. It includes UCI and nearby neighborhoods with high student populations within a single district.
5. It places no more than one incumbent councilmember in any district.
Doug Elliott