District Elections – Splitting Woodbridge

Retrieved September 26, 2023 at 6:34 p.m.

I am a Woodbridge resident and I live in the area of Woodbridge that map 135 proposes to split away from Woodbridge into a separate voting district.  I did not see a map 138 or any other maps that split Woodbridge into separate voting districts.

I have lived in Woodbridge since 1985 and I have always considered it a community with similar interests and issues. I am opposed to splitting Woodbridge into separate voting districts because of this.   If you’re contemplating doing this division by population numbers only, you are ignoring the fact that we have identified as a community for many years, gathered under the Woodbridge Village Association. My neighborhood will be separated from the rest of Woodbridge and we will have a different representative on the City Council.  And because we are a relatively small ‘chunk’ of the population in this group, I fear our voices will not be heard.

Please do not separate this part of Woodbridge from the rest of our community. My husband, Richard Allan, is in total agreement with this message.

Barbara Brangel