Comments re: District Maps 135, 148 & 151

Retrieved September 13, 2023 at 2:19 a.m.


Map 135:  I find this map unacceptable because it divides Woodbridge, the largest Irvine Village (I think).  I am a resident of Woodbridge in the NW Quadrant, not the quadrant that is split off.  Also, District 6 is so far from compact it’s hard to imagine a District less compact.  And Districts 4 and 5 are not very compact.

Map 148:  I find this unacceptable because it puts incumbents Councilmembers Larry Agran and Mike Carroll in the same District.  And linear District 1 is far from compact putting Orchard Hills together with Westpark II which have little in common.  And it splits off about a fifth of Cypress Village. (at least in area), although, since that part is East of the 133, it may not be undesirable.

Map 151:  I find this to be the best map.  All its Districts are very compact, and Councilmembers Agran and Carroll are in different Districts, which is essential.  However, counting a village divided when a single apartment complex is broken off to make the population work (e.g., University Park) is very misleading.  This map should be considered as dividing 3 villages, not 4.  The area north of Harvard Square, North of the I-5 is divided.  And Westpark II is divided at the Western end where a chunk is added to the IBC, District 6.  I can’t find another divided District, though, so where is the 3rd divided one (assuming University Park is not considered divided)?  I think the % of the District population that is broken off should be recorded in the charts, not just that a District is divided, which may be next to meaningless if only a tiny part, population wise, is divided off into an adjacent District.  However, this map does put Cypress Village and Woodbury into Great Park, which was an objection raised by Jeremy Ficarola, who lives in Cypress Village.  I don’t know how valid his objection is, and I certainly don’t think it should take precedence over putting 2 Councilmembers in the same District.