Map Comments

Retrieved October 5, 2023 at 6:10 p.m.


We are registered voters and residents of Woodbridge, Irvine. We strongly recommend that you include all of Woodbridge in one district. Woodbridge is a village in Irvine with our own recreation facilities (pools, lakes, tennis courts, vollyball, etc.), parks, landscaping maintenance, board of directors, and association dues. It is only fair that Woodbridge have unified representation at Irvine City Council meetings.

We strongly recommend MAP 126 or MAP 136, which unify Woodbridge with Westpark or Oak Creek, respectively, both on the same side of the 405. MAP 138 would be a slightly inferior third choice because it combines Woodbridge with University Park, which are divided by the 405.

MAPs 135 and 138, which carve up Woodbridge, should be rejected.