Opposition to Map 135 and Preservation of Woodbridge’s Unique Identity

Retrieved October 5, 2023 at 8:34 a.m.

Dear Members of the Irvine City Council,

My name is Daniel Shi, a resident and home owner of Woodbridge, a community renowned for its cohesiveness and distinctive character within Irvine. I write to express my firm opposition to Map 135, which proposes to split our unique community into separate voting districts.

Woodbridge is more than just another village in Irvine. It’s an embodiment of Irvine’s commitment to a cohesive vision for community-centric development:

  • Our two man lakes are hubs of recreation, from boating to fishing, and serve as a symbol of Woodbridge’s identity. It would be split by map 135.
  • We pride ourselves on the range of amenities available to residents, including 22 pools, multiple parks, tennis courts, and the scenic Woodbridge Loop, connecting various parts of our village. Please do not break the circle of the loop by drawing a line through it.
  • Our community hosts award-winning schools that consistently highlight Irvine’s dedication to quality education.
  • Woodbridge stands as a testament to the masterful community planning that Irvine is known for, offering diverse housing options while preserving green spaces, making it both pedestrian-friendly and family-oriented.

The proposed split, as suggested by Map 135, would not merely alter voting districts but dilute the rich character of a community that many have called home for decades. By keeping Woodbridge unified, we ensure that its unique attributes are championed by a single representative who truly understands what makes our community special.

I urge the City Council to respect the legacy and distinctiveness of Woodbridge by rejecting Map 135 and any other proposals that might fragment our community.

Thank you for your dedication to Irvine and its unique communities, and for considering the voice of Woodbridge as you navigate this crucial decision.