Splitting Woodbridge Opposition

Retrieved October 3, 2023 at 6:58 p.m.

To: Irvine City Council Members,
I have  owned and lived in Woodbridge for twelve years.  While my address falls within “South Lake” I view the distinction as the  naming convention of the body of water.
The residents of Woodbridge are represented and governed by one set of association rules, bylaws and values.  We freely intermix as one, enjoying activities at either lake location and all venues within The Association.
I am profoundly confused as to why Irvine City Council would propose splitting our community for voting purposes.  We all fundamentally expect the same personal accountabily, respect for, and within, the amazing community we are fortunate to live in.
There should not be a split of or creation of double standards for this singular and exceptional community.  We should be represented by the person(s) deemed most qualified as reflected by majority vote of the total Woodbridge Community.
I expect for my voice to be heard and recognized as being unequivocably opposed to Woodbridge being divided.
Debra Holman