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Dear sirs:
How much will it cost to create this districting? Will the council members be paid the same as before? Will we be told what party each candidate belongs to? Will we be informed of conflicts of interests ( such as direct or indirect financial arrangements with pharmaceutical companies, healthcare lobbies, contractors for ‘development’ projects like homeless shelters, and drug rehabilitation facilities for example)? Will we have direct access to our elected council member to complain about human rights violations such as during the ‘Covid pandemic’ in order to prevent pseudo science ‘counter measures ‘ in our community like ‘masking’ as well as coerced gene therapies for our police and other municipal employees (independently of the rest of Irvine, the county, the state, and federal violations )?

I want to know how this will improve our ability to protest constitutional violations in our community/neighborhood / home owner facilities such as the pools etc. How will this change protect us from ‘mob’ rule by stupid neighbors in the next ‘pandemic’?

How will petitioning the resignation of a council member work?

Thank you.
Paul Kirshman

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