Redistricting Map

Retrieved June 22, 2023 at 6:23 p.m.


This map takes into consideration important elements that were stressed at City
Council meetings by Dr. Justin Levitt of National Demographics. The elements are
(1) compactness, (2) low population variances between seats, (3) districts with a
high Asian citizens voting age population, and (3) keep communities of interest
together, which in Irvine means our Villages.

On compactness, the Dave’s Mapping tool gives this map a “GOOD” rating.

On variances, the overall deviation is 6.1 (my understanding is the maximum
allowed is 10 – so it is well under that).

As for Asian districts with high voting age population, in this map District 6 has a
majority of Asian voting age population, and District 5 has about a 45 Asian
voting age population. In other words, these are two solid districts for the Asian

This map keeps communities of interest together, because it keeps virtually all
Irvine villages whole. The only two exceptions are part of Woodbridge, and Great
Park Neighborhoods, because they encompass such a large geographic area.

Finally, the students from UCI should also like this map, because it keeps almost all
of their requests during public comment fully intact in District 1.

Thank you for your consideration.

Alan Meyerson