District Election- Proposed Map
Retrieved June 15, 2023 at 4:39 p.m.
Dear Reader,
I’ve created a proposed districting map using Dave’s Redistricting App.  The proposed map can be found at the below link:
Link:  DRA 2020
Name of map:  City of Irvine – Jaysen Gillespie
Color commentary:  I felt it was important to keep “villages” together when possible.  Classic Irvine, such as Woodbridge/Westpark and U-Park/Turtle Rock seemed like obvious rocks, around which to build a logical full-city districting.  When splits had to be made, I considered that movers to Irvine tend to share a lot in common with those who arrived at about the same time.  So even though Woodbridge and Oak Creek are just across Jeffrey from each other, the Oak Creek persona is probably more like Northpark (based on construction dates).  The 2030 census is likely to bring some substantial adjustments as the Great Park population is still arriving, so I tried to consider the future trends that will have to be addressed then when creating this map.
I appreciate that the city has offered up this opportunity for residents to engage in the districting process, and I look forward to seeing how my submission and others compare.  This is an excellent model for how other cities should address this quasi-legal requirement for district-based elections.