Redistricting Plan

Retrieved June 10, 2023 at 8:50 p.m.

Hi, members of the Irvine City Coucil. My name is Zhiyuan Chao and I am a freshman at Irvine High School who is interested in Social Study and political science. Here is the map.

I tried my best to consider the interests of different Irvine Communities, and here are the reasons why I have drew my map this way:
District 1,(the red portion of the map) consists of the Irvine business complex as well as the UCI campuses and its surrounding areas. I believe that there are many similarities between these two places- that they are not traditional communities. Grouping these two places together would best protect the interests for the locals since it preserves the independence of the Irvine Business complex.
District 2. This district is made up of the more mountainous area of Irvine. Because of the uneven distributions of mountains in Irvine. The difference in their terrains marks the potential issues in the planning of infrastructures. By creating this district, these people’s interests can be better protected.
District 3. This district is made up of the IVC, the Irvine Medical and Science Complex and the Irvine Industrial complex. I believe the functions of these areas make them have common interest, so they need to be enlisted as a  seperate district.
For the remaining districts, I considered factors such as the neigborhoods and geographic barriers such as highways and roads when creating the districts.
I hope my plan can would help you create a districting plan that satisfy the interests of the various communities in Irvine.
Zhiyuan Chao