Map Submission for Fourth Public Hearing – “Irvine City Council 6 districts – Village Contiguity”

Retrieved July 2, 2023 at 2:10 p.m.

Dear City of Irvine,

I am Ishaan Gaikwad, a high school student at Irvine High School, and would like to submit my map for consideration for a proposed district-based 6-member city council.
It is titled “Irvine City Council 6 districts – Village Contiguity”, and is published in DRA 2020 by my account, I_G.
I would like to propose this map as it does not split any of Irvine’s planning areas into separate districts(save for PA 9 being split along Woodbury-Stonegate village lines). To ensure that like-minded communities are kept intact, I have used major streets and highways as boundaries for each district drawn. Additionally, much of the map’s boundaries are also inspired by high school zoning areas, and much of a high school’s student population will live in the same district. This also ensures that constituents’ council members will keep education concerns in mind when legislating. Finally, this map also ensures that the more heavily Asian communities in northern and western Irvine are able to have a unified voice in the city council, as they are not cracked into adjacent neighborhoods.
I understand that this is submitted after the deadline for the first few public hearings, but would like to submit this map nonetheless to offer an option that keeps all villages intact.
Thank you,
Ishaan Gaikwad