Voting District Map

Retrieved August 29, 2023 at 1:00 a.m.

To The Irvine City Council:
I recently learned that the City Council is proposing that Woodbridge be split into two separate voting districts and has also prepared two proposed maps that would do that.

As a long time Irvine resident, 48 years, and a longtime Woodbridge resident, 46 years, I have a very good appreciation of this city and our beautiful Village of Woodbridge. Woodbridge is NOT two separate entities or districts. In my opinion, Woodbridge is the BEST village in Irvine, and should NOT be divided in any way by the City Council. We have the outstanding WVA which manages our village and it would be very detrimental to try and divide the village in any way politically.

Please seriously reconsider your plan to split Woodbridge into separate voting districts.

Jeanette Shelly Atkins