Retrieved August 26, 2023 at 3:34 p.m.

In my estimation, Irvine Villages (such as Westpark II, Woodbridge, Quail Hill Etc.) need to be kept intact and not split. They tend to have similar needs and desires.

I think the process is flawed, I think the idea that individuals submit their requests – each having their own agenda and then picking one is not a good idea. I would prefer to see a group of diverse individuals representing various concerns to decide a district map together since it requires these individuals to have give and take. I don’t want the council to be the deciders on what map to chose as they have a vested interest in redistricting (especially if home address plays a role if a council person can run again).

The request to have the consultant draw a map (I believe 144) to benefit a specific race is very scary.

I’m afraid that this districting plan will divide the city.