City Council Map Draft Submission

Retrieved April 26 at 11:30 p.m.

Good evening,

I would like to submit my draft proposal for Irvine’s new city council districts. Each district was drawn with the intention of keeping adjacent communities of interest together: City Planning Areas were kept together whenever possible, while keeping districts coherent and compact. By DRA’s estimations, the average population deviation is 8.43% — district maps are usually upheld in court as long as the deviation is below 10%.

I want to draw particular attention to the configuration of the 5th district on this map: this version includes the Planning Areas of UC Irvine, UCI – North Campus, University Town Center, University Research Center, Turtlerock, San Joaquin Marsh, University Park, and Rancho San Joaquin. The district was drawn in such a way in order to ensure that the communities surrounding UC Irvine and Concordia University Irvine are kept together: in addition to the high student population of this district, a large number of administrators, faculty, and staff also live within this area. I urge that this version of the 5th council district is maintained in the final City Council map, in order to ensure that Irvine’s youth and educators will have a voice in local government.

The link to the map on DRA is provided here:

I have also attached a .zip Shapefile of the map to this email.